My slate signs are custom made Arsenal ones Fair play to my wife who allowed me to get my Arsenal slate signs done as an early Christmas present. To be frank when I saw them I didn’t think for a second that she would allow me to get them and adorn our house with a Read More

David Seaman He has a 92.2% record in 218 play-offs He has won 201 of these play-offs He has lost 17 of these play-offs 92/03 Premiership Years Goalkeeper Keeper 325 total appearances 138 total goals Lee Dixon He has a 80.9% record in 251 play-offs He has won 203 of these play-offs He has lost Read More Using our random Player Vs Player engine we can generate 1000’s of play-offs a day for you to choose who you think the greatest players to have played for Arsenal since the Premier League started in 1992 To be eligible a player has had to of made ONE appearance for the first team. What Read More