Wenger would approve of my slate signs

even the man himself would love the slate signs I bought

My slate signs are custom made Arsenal ones

Fair play to my wife who allowed me to get my Arsenal slate signs done as an early Christmas present. To be frank when I saw them I didn’t think for a second that she would allow me to get them and adorn our house with a sign that says I am a gunner and proud!

I showed her with a child like excitement and I am sure she agreed out of pity of just how sad I was. A quick roll of the eyes and those three little words popped out “go on them”, and that was all the encouragement I needed.

Before she had time to change her mind they were bought and paid for and now I just have to wait for my new slate signs to arrive.

Even Wenger would smile if he saw my slate signs

Even the miserable Frenchman, but Gunner hero Wenger would smile if he saw the magnificent signs I ordered. I was just blown away with how cool a house sign could actually be.

I didn’t even know you could get them and as I am the man who owns pretty much everything you could with an Arsenal badge on it that was a bit of a shock. As soon as I clicked on the website after seeing a web banner advert I was smitten and just had to find a place to put these cracking signs.

I didn’t think for a second the missus would let it be fitted to the front of our house but when she agreed I was really touched. Yes she comes to the odd game and knows my boy is a mad fan but to let me have a house sign with the badge on was a real moment of just how cool she really was.

Should get my slate sings in time for Christmas

We have lots of friends coming around at Christmas and I cannot wait for a few of them as they are crazy Arsenal fans too and I am sure they won’t have seen a house sign quite like our news ones before. Her Dad loves Arsenal and two of my friends are all coming over and with a bit of luck the signs should be with me early next week and in plenty of time for Christmas.

Now I have ordered the best Christmas present ever all I now want for Christmas is a few wins and a positive end to the season. I can’t see us winning much this year despite the great man’s confidence in his team. I reckon we are still a few players short at the moment and whilst I would love to share his confidence I am not so sure.

Hopefully we will have a good Christmas period on the pitch but with my slate signs I am sure mine will be a great one regardless. www.stonesign.com