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An Arsenal fanatic and lover of anything Gunner related I drive everyone around me nuts with my passion for my team.

I watch them everywhere and never miss a game home, away or in Europe. Ok so I am long suffering and go on about the invisible Arsenal of old but in Wenger I trust! The travel and tickets are my only hobby and expense to be frank following my beloved club doesn’t come cheap but when I can look back and think about the nights that I have seen Wright, Bergkamp and Henry all that expense seems to trivialise some beautiful memories and times.

Thierry Henry

Without doubt the greatest ever Arsenal player has to be Thierry Henry the flying Frenchman incapsulates everything about Wenger’s style of play and was a legend for us. Now Henry has gone but in the same great tradition of exciting talent we now have Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain steaming forward and dazzling me with their wizardry.

By day I am an accountant and have a small business that I have been running for many years now. I love my job I have some great clients who are now mainly good friends and fortunately I have enough regular clients to keep me nice and busy and help fund my football passion.

As for am family well they do have to put up with a fair bit given my love for the club. The wife comes with me on occasions as she says its the only way she gets to see me on a weekend. My boy is red through and through and comes with me to all home games and as many away as I can manage. He has already asked for a season ticket and how can I refuse such a sensible request.

This will likely be about football and anything else that tickles my fancy but one thing is for certain Arsenal will feature heavily in my rants and posts. I would love to hear from any gunners fans and hope you all enjoy my blog. You can get in touch via the contact page or commenting on any posts.

Like every football fan I’ve had the conversation in the pub and at work about who is the Greatest Player Ever.

Picking the Greatest Player Ever is always hard, do you pick a Goalkeeper for their clean sheets or a Striker for his goals? Do you pick a player based on statistics or based on his trophey cabinet? Do you pick someone for their dazzling skills or because they are as hard as nails?…

So one day early in (2008) I decided to do something about this age old question. The concept was to create a website that would list all the players that have played in the Premiership and then by comparing all the players via a random head-to-head engine I could work out a formula that would produce the 50 greatest players.

So planning begun, the ‘Play-Off’ engine was developed and here we are now!!

With your help and the thousands of others playing our randomly generated ‘Play-offs’ we will finally find out who the greatest players ever are.

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